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Expressive Floral Painting Online Class

Embrace floral beauty with this Expressive Floral Painting Online Class! 🌿 Awaken Your Inner Artist Whether you've never held a paintbrush or you're a more experienced painter, this class is designed to ignite your passion for expressive floral art. Join me as I guide you step by step on how I create vibrant expressive flowers. 🌺 Let Your Self Expression Blossom Using various painting techniques, you will be lead through an expressive abstract background which compliments and connects with 5 different types of florals. An opportunity to learn and practice how to paint more loose and expressively whilst still achieving realism and depth. 📅 Convenience at Your Fingertips The online format means you can participate in the class from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, and on your schedule. No need to worry about missing a class – it's there whenever you are ready. This class is broken down into 5 main sections: Section 1: Sketching Out Your Flowers (6mins) Section 2: Expressive Underpainting (14mins) Section 3: Blocking In Form (16mins) Section 4: Building In Layers (1hr 35mins) Section 5: Highlights & Final Details (35mins) PLUS - 'Before We Begin' Includes insights on identifying colour from our source photo, colour mixing, glazing and composition (10mins)





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